Pop Factor Party Package


This is a really fun party and there's lots of build up to it also. The kids choose a song they would like to sing before the day so they get time to practice the song. They can sing by themselves or with friends as a duet or trio and if they are really keen some moves too! They can also dress up as there favourite POP Star or create a funky image themselves.

Our POP Factor Party include:
      * 2 x 7ft pull-up POP Factor banners
      * Large Sparkly Stage Backdrop
      * Red Carpet
      * Disco lighting & effects
      * Backing tracks

      * PA system

The content of the Party ...
      * Singing
      * Disco
      * Games & POP quiz

Also provided ...
      * Your party host
      * Name stickers
      * POP Factor Medals
      * Up to date chart music & traditional dance tunes

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Alternatively visit the POP Factor website for more details @ http://www.popfactorparties.co.uk


Set up time required:   1 hour
Pack away time:           30 minutes

Typical 2 hour party format

00.00  We meet & greet the children and provide their name stickers
00.10  Introduction & meet the birthday child(ren)
00.15  1 or 2 games
00.25  3 or 4 singing spots
00.40  POP Quiz
00.50  3 or 4 more singing spots
01.05  Over to you for the party food
01.20  We lead the chorus of the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' song!
01.25  3 or 4 more singing spots
01.40  Award ceremony - POP Factor medals for the winners
01.50  Birthday childs choice of traditional dance or chart music
02.00  Final birthday child celebrations and THANKYOU's