Terms and Conditions


“The Contract” – This booking confirmation
“The Agent” – Walk On Entertainments
“The Client” – The client named above
“The Artiste” – The Artiste named above


  1. This contract represents written confirmation of a prior verbal agreement.
  2. The Agent acts as an employment agency for the purpose of this contract.
  3. Whilst every reasonable safeguard is assured, the agent is not responsible for non-fulfilment of the contract by either party.
  4. The Client and the Artiste warrant that no previous contract exists that may prevent this contract from being fulfilled and that no future contract will be entered into for this engagement, from the date of this contract.

Your right to cancel

  1. Upon receipt of this contract, each party must read the terms and conditions contained herein. If either party does not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions of this contract, he/she must notify the Agent within 14 days from the date of issue of this contract, in writing, by recorded delivery or by email to walkonentertaiments@hotmail.co.uk, to request that the contract be revoked.

Legal Requirements

  1. It is the responsibility of all parties to administer their own public liability cover and hold current electrical safety (PAT) testing equipment for the event detailed overleaf.
  2. The Artiste shall not infringe on any copyright, patent or other proprietary rights of any party and in the event of infringement, shall indemnify the agent from and against all damages, liabilities, and costs incurred in the consequence thereof. If the Artiste’s performance is contrary to law or is objected to by any licensing or other public authority, the contract may be cancelled by the agent unless the Artiste shall forthwith change his performance to remove the illegality or objections.
  3. The client shall not be required to pay the Artiste for any engagement where the Artiste is unable to perform by reason of any cause beyond the clients control such as National Mourning, War, Fire, Acts of Terrorism, Strikes or Lockouts directly affecting the venue, or by Order of the licensing or any Public Authority having jurisdiction. In any such event, notice must be given to the Artiste immediately, failing which the Client must pay reasonable expenses.
  4. The Artiste warrants that it is a business and as such attends to it’s own Tax and National Insurance. The Artiste will indemnify the Agent against any and all Tax and National Insurance claims against it as a result of any failure by the Artiste in the administration of its financial affairs.

Terms of Engagement

  1. The Contract is subject to the terms and conditions detailed overleaf, including any additional clauses. Failure of the Artiste to adhere to the terms detailed therein constitutes a breach of contract and may result in claims for damages by the Client.
  2. The Artiste offers an assurance that he and all supporting Artistes, technical crew and other associates, will conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner at all times, with due regard to venue rules and regulations.
  3. Provided that the Client pays to the Artiste his full salary as detailed in the contract, subject to his duly renderingservices or being ready, willing and able to do so, the client may, without giving any reason, prohibit the whole or part of the Artiste’s performance or exclude the Artiste from any or all performances, as he/she sees fit.
  4. The client agrees not to approach the Artiste directly to engage for further bookings. All future bookings are to be made via the Agent for a period of 12 months from the date of engagement. Commissions on such bookings are payable to the Agent at the current rate.
  5. The agent is hereby authorised to accept from the Client a deposit of either:
    (a) Up to 15% of the Artistes fee as the Agents commission.
    (b) A maximum booking fee of £30

Failure to perform

  1. In the event of the Artiste’s illness the following provisions shall prevail. The word ‘illness’ shall mean and include any bodily or mental infirmity.
  2. If the Artiste is unable to perform through illness, the Artiste shall notify the Agent immediately and shall send a medical certificate to the agent within 10 days setting forth the nature of his/her illness.
  3. If the artiste fails to perform at the engagement, except through illness (certified as above) or accident beyond the artistes control, the client shall not be obliged to pay the artiste’s salary in respect of the Engagement.

Artiste Provisions

  1. The client is to provide a suitable performing area. Unless otherwise agreed, the client must provide an electrical supply meeting or exceeding British Standards within five metres of the performance area, where electrical equipment is to be used as part of a performance.
  2. Where the artiste is expected to wear stage clothing or costumes, the Client must provide suitable dressing room facilities, toilets are not acceptable.
  3. The client is responsible for providing adequate supervision and /or security at all times. In the event of unruly or threatening behaviour from any individual, the Artiste is entitled to cease the performance and still be paid in full.